Patriots Question 9/11

Moments after missile impact: Major Douglas Rokke, PhD, U.S. Army: "When you look at the damage, it was obviously a missile."

Fire fighters arrive & spray foam.

Missile exit hole.

Exit hole location.

Notice the lawn. Untouched, unscathed & no plane parts. Also take note of the black scarring of the building to the left.

Where is all that thick black smoke coming from? Notice the fire upper left.

The origin of the thick black smoke. But wait a minute. How far away is that fire and how did it get all the way over there? Those must be the offices of the auditors trying to figure out where the 2.3 trillion stolen dollars went that Don Rumsfeld claimed was "missing" on 9/10/2001.

Once again notice the black charring to the left but not to the right.

What are those fires doing way over there?

Notice how clean and how little damage there is to the right.

And now for the finale....

Here is your impact site. More Pentagon images here.

Pentagon Crash Video

Trouble Viewing This Video? Download Here.

Solving The Mystery Of WTC7 -- 3000+ Architects & Engineers

Suspects Identified -- Breaking News on New Evidence Here

The Pentagon Attack Papers

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  • If you're not very angry as a result of this evidence you should stop drinking fluoridated water immediately. Harvard just released a study proving that people who drink fluoridated water have lower IQ's than the rest of us. It also causes bone cancer in boys.